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My Skills

My Skill
Social Media Marketing 50%
My Skill
Branding 75%
My Skill
Search Engine Optimization 65%
My Skill
Content Production 80%
My Skill
Web Designer 50%
My Skill
Video Editing 80%

Get To Know

My Job Role

Coordinating with the digital team for branding of events, organization services for creating and designing banners, hoardings, standy, and backdrops along with marketing materials like brochures, prospectus, videos, etc. Monitoring market trends as well by keeping an eye on competitive companies to stay ahead of the competition. Developing brand strategies and implementing brand plans like radio promotion, exhibition participation, print ads, etc. Implementing digital activities like announcing various competitions for audience participation and lead conversions.      

Digital promotion of the brand, events, and other activities that take place in the house through complete social media handles. Have authority to pass the content that needs to be promoted on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Maintaining social media calendar and SMO reports by analyzing the insights. Implementing strategies and planning what and how to create content that will help the organization to engage with the audience.   
All together responsible for making strategies to create content like videos, creatives, and gifs that need to be promoted on digital platforms. Closely coordinating with the digital team (photographer, video editor, graphic designer and PR) for creating and promoting digital content on social media channels.

Responsible for producing marketing copy to promote organization content on social media. Successfully generating and publishing such content that increases the account reach, account engagement, and follows. Analyzing the most engaging content type for fruitful results and developing content pillars for a variety of digital platforms.
Writing creative captions for social media posts and creative copy for blogs, websites, videos, static posts, email, and industry-related topics.  Closely coordinating with the digital team (photographer, video editor, graphic designer) to create effective and eye-catching content.  

Managing end-to-end production for content creation (photography, videography, video editing, graphics) reviewing the content of branding materials. Researching industry-related engaging topics to create fresh content for social media and blogs. Producing educational material to bring digital presence in the industry-related market.

In addition to this anchoring for events and doing Voice overs for the video to enhance the quality of the content.

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