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esha Kapoor

Aims to succeed in an environment of growth and excellence. Always willing to work where I get a chance to show my profile-related skills and give my creative ideas on the desk that would help achieve organizational goals and enhance my career. I am very much dedicated and passionate about my work which can be seen by my achievements on the job.
I am capable of using the 10 years of skillful learning I had from my previous job experiences in your esteemed organization. 




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My Skills

My Skill
Social Media Marketing 50%
My Skill
Branding 75%
My Skill
Search Engine Optimization 65%
My Skill
Content Production 80%
My Skill
Web Designer 50%
My Skill
Video Editing 80%

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My Job Role

Coordinating with the digital team for branding of events, organization services for creating and designing banners, hoardings, standy, and backdrops along with marketing materials like brochures, prospectus, videos, etc. Monitoring market trends as well by keeping an eye on competitive companies to stay ahead of the competition. Developing brand strategies and implementing brand plans like radio promotion, exhibition participation, print ads, etc. Implementing digital activities like announcing various competitions for audience participation and lead conversions.      

Digital promotion of the brand, events, and other activities that take place in the house through complete social media handles. Have authority to pass the content that needs to be promoted on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Maintaining social media calendar and SMO reports by analyzing the insights. Implementing strategies and planning what and how to create content that will help the organization to engage with the audience.   
All together responsible for making strategies to create content like videos, creatives, and gifs that need to be promoted on digital platforms. Closely coordinating with the digital team (photographer, video editor, graphic designer and PR) for creating and promoting digital content on social media channels.

Responsible for producing marketing copy to promote organization content on social media. Successfully generating and publishing such content that increases the account reach, account engagement, and follows. Analyzing the most engaging content type for fruitful results and developing content pillars for a variety of digital platforms.
Writing creative captions for social media posts and creative copy for blogs, websites, videos, static posts, email, and industry-related topics.  Closely coordinating with the digital team (photographer, video editor, graphic designer) to create effective and eye-catching content.  

Managing end-to-end production for content creation (photography, videography, video editing, graphics) reviewing the content of branding materials. Researching industry-related engaging topics to create fresh content for social media and blogs. Producing educational material to bring digital presence in the industry-related market.

In addition to this anchoring for events and doing Voice overs for the video to enhance the quality of the content.

A Team Leader is a professional in charge of guiding, monitoring and leading an entire group. They are responsible for motivating their teammates as well as inspiring positive communication within them so that they can work together toward achieving goals

team leader leads, monitors, and supervises a group of employees to achieve goals that contribute to the growth of the organization. Team leaders motivate …

Team Leaders play extremely important role in motivating company’s teams and ensuring their success. Some of their duties include communicating company goals, .

team leader works to ensure a positive experience for the customer by coaching and managing other employees. A team leader will also assist with the execution …

The responsibility of a team leader is to establish a set of expectations, monitor progress, motivate and provide guidance and support so teams can complete …

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My Portfolio

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My Video

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My Resume


[email protected]

Mobile – 95xxxxxxxx60

Location – South Delhi


To succeed in an environment of growth & excellence and get a job that provides me with job satisfaction, and self-development and helps me achieve personal as well as organizational goals.


10 years of experience in media & productions that includes print media, electronic media, web media and production house


LINGAYA’S VIDYAPEETH (Deemed To Be University)


Designation: Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager (Branding and Marketing) (1st Feb 2022-Till Present)


  • Coordinating and Handling Team of branding and marketing department.
  • Reporting to Top Management- Pro Vice Chancellor and Chancellor.
  • Taking Real Time Reporting from team on Google sheet
  • Making Strategies for Social Media Marketing
  • Creating content(static post, reels, videos, Instagram stories) as per social media calendar
  • Providing creative copy write ups for social media posts
  • Providing topics for blogs and articles for website.
  • Digitally promoting the in-house events organized by the university.
  • Acting as DOP for event shoots and social media content shoot.
  • Guiding the editor for video edits
  • Getting social media static creative designed by graphic designer
  • Getting E-brochures banners, and other E-content designed and shoot by the team as required by the
  • Scheduling and identifying the right platform for post promotion on social media.   
  • Reviewing written blogs, articles, web pages, landing pages and video scripts by
  • Coordinating with SEO team for Yoast seo of web pages
  • Facebook MarketingAcquire leads, traffic on website or engagement through Facebook marketing
  • Assisting team members to ensure quality results

YBM Network Media & Films Production


Designation: Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager (Production and Marketing)

(May 2015-Till Nov 2021)

  • Website Development and Maintenance – Development of Word Press Website, designing of website and Giving H1, H2, H3 headings to content, alternate text to images, giving headings as per keyword research.
  • checking broken links, speed testing, replacing normal images to WebP images, creating web and landing pages.
  • Content optimization for website and social media channels- As per Google algorithm going through the content of website, creating and editing the content, providing content for images, videos and post. Analyzing the proximity and density of content.
  • Content, Video and audio content posts on online sites- Verifying and scheduling the image content, video and audio content to be posted by the team.
  • SEO of Website Pages- Yoast seo of web pages, giving SEO tiltle, identifying focus keyphrase, meta description as the content appears on Google, giving slugs.
  • Making Social Media Promotion Strategies – Categorizing the audience as per our product or service requirement, Identifying the right platform for promotion – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn
  • Create and manage digital marketing campaigns- Managing and implementing paid marketing strategy (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google)
  • Online promoting of company’s product and services- Running Sponsored Ads on Facebook and Instagram, Creating promotional videos of product or services we deliver.
  • Facebook Marketing- Acquire leads, traffic on website or engagement through Facebook marketing
  • Reviewing written blogs, articles, web pages, landing pages and video scripts by


  • Directing and Producing corporate and promotional videos


  • Assisting team members to ensure quality results




Key Responsibilities as Production Manager


  • Giving Direction for Corporate Films – Preparing Corporate Video shoot layout, Company/Industry outer & inner location view, Manufacturing / working process, Company director/ management byte, light setting and frame setting, Handling production unit on shoot location (Camera operator, Lightman, anchors, etc.)
  • Direct Interaction with Client for shoot layout briefing and discussing upon client requirement along with sharing suitable quotes for corporate shoots and portfolio shoots
  • Coordinating with freelancer artist such as anchors, voice over artist, makeup artist, stylist, model agency provider, camera operators and other freelancers as per requirement.
  • Studio setup for video, chroma shoot and other interview shoot
  • Corporate video    editing    footage    selection    –    Selecting    footages   from    raw    for    final   
  • Editing 1st cut of final selected footages and further coordinating with editor till the end of final edited video
  • Coordination with Models for portfolio shoot for poses
  • Take care of pre and post production team- Selecting and choosing the team for particular shoot project
  • Consulting students looking for admissions in VGA academy– VGA academy in collaboration with YBM network specialized in Fashion Photography
  • Approving and suggesting content for social media post, blogs, YouTube,
  • Done voice over for 2 projects and One to one-byte interview for business event on International Solar Industry continuously for 4 years twice in a year.

Key skills –


  1. Direction for Corporate/ Business Shoots
  2. Know video editing on Adobe Premier Pro
  3. Creating images, flyers, thumbnails, post on Canva for promotions
  4. Voice Over and Anchoring for business event (one to one-byte interviews)
  5. Knows audio edit on Adobe Audition and Audacity
  6. Content writing for Social media post and corporate shoot

Corporate Relationship-


  1. Contact with production team for photography, videography
  2. Graphic designer, Animator
  3. Domestic and International Voice Over artist
  4. Capable of contacting influencers and promotional

Market Times Web TV

Shifted from India News internally to Market Times Tv


Designation: Production Manager

Production Manager (Production and Marketing) (May 2014-April 2015)

  • Coordinating and assisting Production Team for shoot
  • Scheduling business entrepreneurs for byte interviews
  • Taking 1st round of Hr during hiring of employees- editors, reporters, anchors
  • Coordinating with stringer (freelance reporters) for news reporting
  • Social Media news posting
  • Converting Hindi news content to English
  • Taking daily reviews on commodity market scenario
  • Organizing business events

India News 


Designation: Production Executive 

Production Executive (Production and Marketing) (Dec 2013-April 2014)

  1. Coordinating with Production Team for interview shoot (Commodity News)
  2. Scheduling business entrepreneurs for byte interviews (Commodity Brokers)
  3. Coordinating with stringer (freelance reporters)
  4. Taking daily reviews from brokers on market scenario

K.S Business Publication


Designation: Production Executive 

Production Executive (Production and Marketing) (April 2012-April 2013)

  1. Taking 1st round of Hr during hiring of employees
  2. Writing content for Magazine
  3. Organizing events
  4. Handling the editorial team


·         Diploma in Digital Marketing from Pestrack in 2015

·         MBA in HR from Sikkim Manipal University in 2012

·         Graduation from Delhi University in 2010.

·         Senior Secondary School from Tagore International School in 2007


·         Secondary School from Tagore International School in 2005

Personal Details

Date of Birth                  : 1988

Place of Birth                : Delhi, India

Languages                    : English, Hindi, Punjabi.

Hobbies                        : Quick learner, traveling, creating promo stories

Alternate Mobile No.    :+91-99xxxxxxxx02

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Esha Kapoor

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“Esha never ceases to amaze me with the vast amount of knowledge he has acquired over the years in branding and marketing technique . she is truly a great mentor.”
Sandhya Singh
Production Head

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